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Sometimes, when things in the fridge line up just right with inspiration, needing to “grab a quick lunch” with no meal-sized leftovers in the fridge doesn’t mean ordering delivery. We often have a lot of very small servings of meat or vegetables in the fridge which we save (rather than just eating a few more bites when that meal is served); thinking we can serve them to Kata, but then we wind up with more than we need, and usually those don’t look like a meal when I’m thinking of what we can have for lunch or dinner.

In my fridge I found:

half of the last sausage from the sausage-making project, which was supposed to get saved for Kata but got forgotten
a few bites of brisket that didn’t get eaten off Kata’s plate
a little bit of collard greens, same
A little bit of steamed broccoli that came back home in the lunchbox
A half a small baked butternut squash
some chunks of boiled carrot from the vegetable soup making
a bit of leftover chicken stock I defrosted for another use earlier this week

In the pantry, I grabbed a third of a box of pasta, and a few shallots, and from the fridge, some parmesan cheese.

I set the pasta boiling, and sauteed the shallots in oil. Tossed in the meat bites to make sure they got well heated since the sausage was getting old. Then tossed in the rest of the vegetables, salt and pepper. I added a little flour to thicken it and then some stock to make it into a sauce. Voila – pasta with vegetables and a bit of tasty protein!


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