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A big part of being a locavore is shopping for your food. Living in Davis Sq., it’s easier for me than for other folks in the Northeast (though not as easy as it is for folks in, say, Southern California). My farmer’s market on Wednesday afternoons isn’t quite a one-stop-shop, but it’s close.

In the fall, I make sure to stop by and chat with Marianne, my lamb lady, once a week. She’s only there in the fall because she won’t butcher spring lambs — I heard that and figured that she was going to take good care of my meat while it was still on the hoof.

This week, while I was picking up a shoulder roast for that lamb pie I’m making, she mentioned the day last November when I back my car up to her stall and bought $200 worth of shanks for my chest freezer. (It was awesome. We had braised lamb once a week all winter.) ¬†She said, “If you want to do that again, let me know and I can give you a discount.”

See, it does pay to know your farmer.


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