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Switching my weekly menu

I used to have two aunts, The Aunts, who were old-school homemakers, back when you could get a Masters degree in homemaking. I wish I’d had enough sense to grill them when they were alive because I feel certain they could have taught me some things.

One of the things that they did was have a meal for every night of the week. Which meant that on Fridays, they had hamburgers and iceberg-lettuce salads, and on Mondays they had (I think) spaghetti, etc. I’ve never been able to do that, but I have adopted the idea and adapted it for my own use.  Instead of having a strict schedule, per se, I tend to have a rhythm.

Since Jen was speaking of that recently, I thought I’d let you know what I do.

Monday, I like soup. Fast soup, not long-simmered braises. Often lentils with bacon sprinkled on top. Sometimes butternut squash soup. Occasionally, if I’ve thought ahead, bean soup, like pasta fagioli.

Tuesdays, on the way home from preschool, I pick up some sort of pasta from Dave’s Fresh. Usually some sort of ravioli — often butternut squash in the fall or sweet pea in the spring — but not always. Served with some sort of green, maybe some bread, it’s a pretty good dinner. Sometimes, I do carbonara. I love carbonara and have the waistline to prove it.

On Wednesdays in the fall, I get lamb sausage from Marianne and roast some orange vegetable (sweet potato or winter squash).

On Thursdays, Wang’s Fast Food delivers. Sometimes, RedBones delivers.

Weekends are pretty mixed around here, but autumn Sundays often find me with a long, slow braise that I start after breakfast. That braise serves for lunch for my husband for much of the week.

With the close of the Farmer’s Market, the menu shifts somewhat. It’s going to depend, I think, on the new winter CSA. I didn’t buy nearly enough lamb sausage to keep that going throughout the winter, so I’ll need a new Wednesday meal. (Lamb sausage may be making an appearance in the lentil stew, though, because it’s actually cheaper than the local bacon I can buy starting in a week or so.)  I think I may try to add a homemade pizza on Friday nights, with lots of veggies and a salad. If I do that, though, I’m going ot have to find Lourde’s mozzarella or start making my own. I’ve got a book on how to do that….

I may add a torta to the lentil soup, too. And maybe I’ll stretch the braise by putting it in a pot pie on Sundays. I’ll let you know.




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