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Thanks to the encouragement of my friends here at Always Be Cooking, the 2nd half of the fresh ginger went into two projects, and for each one I got a little more out of it than the recipe said, just by thinking “am I really supposed to get rid of that now?”

Ginger beer starts off with a syrup of sugar, water, and finely grated ginger, steeped for an hour and then poured through a sieve into the bottle with yeast and water. So I sampled whether all that steeping had sucked all the flavor out of the shredded, somewhat sweet ginger – it hadn’t. I scraped that onto a piece of wax paper, sprinkled more sugar on it, rolled it flat between two layers of wax paper, and let it dry on the wax paper, and wound up with a tasty ginger candy sort of thing, lacking some texture and integrity compared to the real product.

Because I wasn’t fully invested in the ginger beer project, and wanted something that was pleasantly gingery but not knock-your-socks off, I used less ginger than the recipe called for for my first 2L test batch.

This left me with just a little bit more ginger – perhaps 2″ of thick root. Just enough for a microbatch of the other project I was hoping to try – homemade pickled ginger. Once again, the first thing to do gave me a bonus – the slivers of ginger had to be blanched for a minute or two in water. So while I proceeded with the recipe (you just dump the blanched ginger in a jar with the same volume of vinegar plus a little sweetener of your choice), I poured off the water into a mug and drank it with a little sugar and lemon.

4 gingery food items, one half a root of fresh ginger in need of using up.


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a glut of ginger

Recently, Brookfield Farm offered us a chance to get local organic ginger from a farm started by their friends! Of course, I ordered too much. You can freeze it, and I did that with one root, but I am pushing the 2nd root as far as it will go fresh in the fridge. (This, 2 weeks, might be close to as far as it will go; take heed! I think it’s time to use or freeze what’s left.)

So instead of digging out ginger from my freezer only if feel like the hassle of finding it, peeling it, and grating it, I’ve been trying to remember what else goes with ginger as I cook for the past two weeks. Our French toast, baked goods, stir-fries, and curries have all had ginger added, but my new tip for enjoying more of a glut of fresh ginger in this season: ginger tea!

fresh ginger tea

    12 oz water
    1-2 slices of fresh ginger root
    1/2 tsp sugar
    slice of lemon

Microwave a mug of water (or a few cups in a large pyrex measuring cup.) Drop in slices of ginger, a little sugar or honey, a slice or two of lemon or some dried lemon peel if you choose, and let stand until drinking temperature. If you used dried lemon peel, you probably want to strain it before drinking.

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