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I believe that we must change the way we eat to save the world.

To that end, my plans for this spring had been to bite the bullet and start doing something I’ve never done before — organize people. I wanted to pull together a community kitchen for Davis Sq., some place that groups of people could go to can, or group cook. Somewhere we could have cooking classes for free or cheap, including basics on good nutrition and how to eat locavore. A place that I could go to make something that requires more room or equipment than I have in my kitchen.

In my mind, it had a garden in the back and a homey feel where people could meet and talk about… meat, or cheese making.

But I have never ever done anything like that. I’ve never even seen anything like that. I have heard about community kitchens, read about them, but never used one. I asked my in-laws, old-school hippies, if they had any advice. They had none. I had a book on hold at the library, but it was going to be months before I got my turn at it. I was doing research online and finding very little…

So imagine my glee when someone on the Davis Sq. live journal said she wanted to start one. (I’ve met the person by email only and she signed herself S, so I could be wrong about gender, but I’m going to go with she. Sorry if I flipped the coin wrong.) She said that she’s been involved in them before and has a clue what she’s doing. YAY! If you are interested in working with her, you can email her at kitchen (at) sleepingcat (dot) com

In the same week, someone on the SomMoms list says she wants to open a members-only food coop, ala the Park Slope Food Coop.

Now, I don’t know ANYTHING about the Park Slope Coop, but I do know that I’m not as fond of the Harvest Coop as I want to be. For non-Bostonians, the Harvest Coop is a local community-owned, democratically run holdover from the 70s. And, despite some renovations and real efforts to the contrary, it looks like a 70s-era holdover. It’s kinda dirty, kinda limited, and kinda expensive for what it gets. I love the bulk section and never use anything else. And it’s not nearly interested enough in local stuff, which is my big thing.

So, while I wasn’t dreaming of a local coop, I think it’s part and parcel of the movement that will save the world. If you want to be involved in the coop, let me know and I’ll forward your email to the woman organizing it. (She hasn’ yet give me permission to post her info, so…)


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