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Failure – Wang’s fast food is closed on Tuesdays, which we realized after my daughter’s polite and rational request for chinese food including scallion pancakes, and after I’d decided everything we wanted to order and gotten my mouth watering for our choices.

Completely undeserved success: scallion pancakes are *sooooooo* easy to reproduce at home!

I used Ming Tsai’s recipe here – skipped the resting of the dough, faked the mixing in of the boiling water, to make the dough, and figured so what if the texture was not perfect. Also, we used leeks, which I pre-sauteed a bit (that was the extent of the time my dough rested.) I used half a recipe because it seemed prone to complete disaster – but instead of complete disaster, they tasted like…. scallion pancakes! I somewhat burned 2 out of 3 of them because I was trying to throw together a main course at the same time, but now I know to watch them better.


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